OpenKey App Gets Major Upgrade

DALLAS—OpenKey Version 3.0 has been released, adding updates and enhancements to the mobile app.

The previous version of the app allowed users to call the hotel’s front desk directly from the app, check-in before arriving, provide an estimated arrival time, receive a digital room key (allowing them to skip the front desk) and gain access to their room via a mobile device.

In addition to this, OpenKey Version 3.0 will have additional capabilities: a feature with driving directions to the hotel from the user’s current location, which also alerts the hotel precisely when to expect a guest arrival; a location feature that allows a guest to see how far they are from the hotel; guests can modify their estimated arrival time (if previously given) so the hotel can ensure their room is ready prior to arriving; an ID scan for registration enabling the hotel to send a mobile key one day prior to arrival; a function that allows guests to search for hotels that currently use OpenKey; and the ability to call and book a variety of hotel amenities directly from the app.

OpenKey 3.0 also provides participating hotels with a technology platform that can recognize international phone numbers, provide WiFi user information—including password—and allows the front desk staff to check-in a guest and send a mobile key directly from their computer.

OpenKey Version 3.0 is immediately available to download for iOS devices in the iTunes store; the Android version will be available on June 1.