New TravelClick Tool Aims to Boost Hotel Revenue

NEW YORK—The importance of data to the successful function of a hotel is universally acknowledged—whether enhancing the guest experience, streamlining operations to increase efficiency or enabling hoteliers to price their hotels more competitively, data is the building block upon which all hotels depend. TravelClick has introduced a new solution—its Media Intelligence Platform—designed to enable its media campaign managers to help hotels better leverage their data.

The platform integrates proprietary data from TravelClick’s iHotelier Suite, Rate360 and Demand360 solutions, so that media campaign managers can make the best-informed decisions about how to spend and allocate media budgets. TravelClick’s Scott Falconer, EVP – general manager, media, said, “One of the biggest challenges hoteliers face is driving direct bookings to maximize revenue. The Media Intelligence Platform provides hoteliers with the unique data needed to identify and pursue the best opportunities to capture direct bookings.”

Every hotelier who uses TravelClick’s Single Media Subscription solution receives a dedicated digital media campaign manager. This campaign manager works closely with hoteliers to review insights from the Media Intelligence Platform and tailor a digital media campaign to the needs of each individual hotel, said Falconer.

Questions that hoteliers and campaign managers can ask themselves because of this platform include the following: What is the right lead time to start advertising to drive bookings in a future month? Are direct bookings representing a higher share of channel mix? Is the hotel out of rate parity with the OTA channel? Should campaign messaging change given that the hotel’s pricing relationship with the competition has changed? Are there future periods when media spending should rise, because the hotel’s occupancy is not keeping pace with its competition? What are the best future opportunities to drive revenue? 

Falconer noted that the solution can help any hotel, regardless of size or segment, interested in driving direct bookings and maximizing revenue. According to the company, TravelClick media campaigns that use the platform combined with iHotelier, Rate360 and Demand 360 data can generate up to 77% higher conversion rates for customers. “The 77% conversion rate increase is a phenomenal result that highlights the Media Intelligence Platform’s impact,” Falconer said. “The key is that the Media Intelligence Platform leverages data from other TravelClick offerings. Having access to these sources of unparalleled data is the key to unlocking the full power of the Media Intelligence Platform. Hoteliers can benefit from a revenue-maximizing solution where the total value delivered is greater than the sum of its individual parts.”