New Hospitality Executive Search Firm Launched To Place Qualified Candidates

SCOTTSDALE, AZ? The Hospitality Connection, a new hospitality executive search firm based here, has entered the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets to recruit and place full-time managerial and culinary candidates at restaurants, resorts, hotels, casinos and aboard cruise ships. The new firm is a subsidiary of Scottsdale-based Cierra Consulting, a technical recruiting firm that has been operating in Arizona for more than 18 years. The executive search firm fills a void for restaurant owners, human resource directors and others in the hospitality field who are looking to hire and retain qualified staff, according to Eric Bennett, president of The Hospitality Connection. Reducing the high cost of turnover is one of the benefits his firm offers, he said. ?It costs approximately $10,000 to fully train a restaurant manager. With that kind of training investment, you can imagine how important it is to hire a candidate who will be successful in the position,? he said. Bennett has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality field and has held many managerial positions for various restaurants around the country. ?I?ve been on their side of the desk,? he said. ?I know the staffing issues they face and I?m very familiar with the operational changes they encounter.? The Hospitality Connection uses a computerized matching system for its database of applicants and employers. The software package includes a search engine, electronic tracking system that automatically links job placements to qualified candidates, and navigation technology to allow the user to view multiple screens and update data simultaneously throughout the system. In addition to recruiting and placing job candidates, the executive search firm also offers a quality assurance program for its restaurant clients. Called Feedback Express, the program is designed to help restaurant owners assess the strengths and weaknesses of their operations. The Hospitality Connection will send a representative to dine at the restaurant and rate the food, service and ambience, and then send an evaluation within 48 hours. Fees for the services of The Hospitality Connection are paid for by the client and calculated based on specific needs. A 90-day guarantee offers to replace applicants free of charge should the ?connection? not work within that timeframe. There is no fee for applicants to utilize the executive search firm?s services. Bennett said applicants can expect salaries for managerial and culinary positions to range from $30,000 to $50,000.