New Cleaning Products Designed To Keep In-Room Coffeemakers Perking

NEW YORK? To help hoteliers meet the demands of coffee-clamoring guests while maintaining operational efficiencies and high sanitary standards, Mr. Coffee Concepts (MCCI) is introducing a duet of product/program innovations during IH/M&RS. According to Paul Brinson, MCCI?s executive vp, the company is tackling one of the key concerns the hospitality industry has had about offering this amenity since MCCI?s four-cup commercial in-room coffeemaker was introduced 10 years ago: What?s the best way to clean and maintain in-room coffeemakers so they operate at maximum performance? Enter MCCI?s two-pronged effort that targets both daily and periodic cleaning. The Coffee Equipment Cleaner is specially formulated for daily use to combat coffee stains and oil build-up in the decanter, brew basket, warmer and the coffeemaker itself. According to the company, two to three sprays of the cleanser in the decanter and brew basket during a housekeeper?s cleaning will clean any stains and prevent oil residue build-up. A thorough rinsing leaves no residue to affect the coffee?s taste. To extend the service and restore the original functioning capabilities of the in-room coffeemaker, MCCI offers the Lime and Scale Remover for periodic use. The liquid product attacks the calcium and mineral deposits that occur naturally in the water flowing through the equipment, especially the pump mechanism, which can affect the performance and longevity of the coffeemaker, particularly in hard-water areas. For enhanced cost savings, the portion-control top pours the proper amount each time for a four-cup coffeemaker. According to MCCI, the product cleans the deposits in one cycle and rinses clean, leaving no residue to affect coffee taste. With 121 coffeemakers to maintain in each of the rooms at her Hampton Inn in Asheville, NC, General Manager Barbie Chase has been a fan of MCCI?s cleaning products for about three years. ?We currently use a periodic cleaner they offer and it does a great job,? she said. While not in a hard-water region, Chase indicated coffee deposits can impede operational efficiencies, and noted the cleaner makes offering in-room coffee cost efficient, because without it to maintain the units, ?we?d need to replace them on a regular basis. We?d be interested in the daily cleaner,? she said.