Need a Boost? The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Offers Reviv

LAS VEGAS—When you think of Las Vegas, the high-voltage energy of The Strip dotted with resorts and casinos offering unmatched entertainment may come to mind. After a night on the town, partygoers in need of a boost can check out a new wellness service offered at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Reviv, a global wellness provider of signature IV therapies and booster shots, has recently opened at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; it will be the company’s largest flagship spa in Las Vegas. It’s also twice the size of the spa locations at MGM Grand and The Palazzo, and the only location to feature a view of Las Vegas Strip, according to the company.

“At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we know health and wellness encompasses more than just physical fitness, which is why we provide such a well-rounded variety of outlets and treatments for guests to take part in. Reviv is another vital piece of the overall wellness program that the resort is excited to offer,” said Patrick Nichols, SVP, business development, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Signature services at Reviv include a variety of vitamin and nutrient “cocktails,” each specially curated to combat a different variety of ailments.

For example, there’s Megaboost, a combination of vitamin C, antioxidants, essential minerals and more to strengthen and detoxify the immune system and combat jet lag. For travelers on the mend, there’s Ultraviv to address the common cold, flu symptoms, allergy relief, body aches—and even hangovers.

Other main categories of treatments are injections or booster shots for “quick boosts with specific targets, like stimulating a higher metabolism or providing a pure energy lift,” said German Kaupert, partner, Reviv.

He added, “IV therapies and booster shots are becoming increasingly popular because they are a quick and easy way to enhance a customer’s wellness in a variety of ways. Delivering hydration and nutrients through IV or injections means the body is able to absorb 100% of the essential elements in the cocktail. Dehydration is a huge factor in so many physical ailments and IV therapies are incredible for speedy rehydration with lasting effects. Booster shots, on the other hand, are pure shots of different vitamins, which give patients a temporary jump start to prepare them to reach various goals, whether it be fat burning or a high-intensity workout.”

At Reviv, the focus is squarely on treating the whole person. “The key to holistic treatment is to address a missing ingredient, which influences several different aspects of wellness,” said Kaupert. “Often, the missing ingredient is water. Reviv treatments are each designed to treat dehydration with different ingredients added in, tailoring the treatments to address different health problems. For instance, Vitaglow has vitamin C and glutathione to cleanse vital organs and improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails.”

In terms of design, all Reviv spas are designed with clean lines and soft colors and patterns to prevent distraction and anxiety-inducing surroundings. “Reviv’s medial staff consists of highly experienced nurses and doctors and has delivered more than 260,000 therapies, cultivating a seamless experience and a peaceful environment,” he said. “Reviv effectively rounds out the wellness programs available to guests at The Cosmopolitan, ensuring they are able to treat and address any aspect of health and wellness that may previously have been detrimental to the overall experience at the resort.”