MSI Unveils Next Generation PMS

PHOENIX, AZ — Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), a cloud services hospitality technology solutions provider, has released its exclusive CloudConnect offering with CloudSync technology.

Integrated with CloudPM, MSI’s next generation property management system, CloudConnect is designed to ensure business continuity when Internet services are lost. The new product responds to widespread concern from the hotel community about possible lost connectivity between property and cloud-based systems.

Ted Warring, MSI’s Chief Technology Officer offered a down-to-earth perspective when interviewed about the problem and industry-wide concerns. Warring stated: “There are two major questions I am asked all the time about cloud technology: ‘What if my hotel loses Internet connectivity?’ and ‘How will you safeguard my hotel data?’ When hoteliers hear my answer of CloudConnect with CloudSync they understand the importance of the solution, and can’t wait to move in the direction of CloudPM.”