More Than 40% of Millennials Say Researching a Vacation is Overwhelming

DALLAS—New research from reveals that North American millennial travelers are experiencing net lag (aka scroll fatigue) from never-ending research when booking a vacation.

With more than one in eight travelers spending 15-plus hours researching before they book, it’s no wonder 42% of millennial travelers describe the process as one of their biggest stresses. Thirty-three percent have even booked the wrong vacation or dates because the research became just too much.

All it takes is 40 minutes for the scroll fatigue to set in, the same time it takes to watch most—if not an—entire episode of your favorite show. The man hours required have resulted in more than half (51%) going on vacation to somewhere they’ve been to before to avoid the research. Forty percent believe they pay more than they need in order to avoid the research, and more than a third (38%) would even consider passing the task on to a friend, with the average person happy to pay $134 to take it off their plate.

Productivity levels at work are also taking a hit. More than four in ten (46%) have admitted to secretly scrolling in the office, with 30% saying they get less work done during the hunt for a vacation. This isn’t very surprising when 22% of millennials look through more than 11 vacation options before making a decision.

Yet it’s other traveler reviews that 91% rely on to seal the deal, being voted the most important tool to transition from looking to booking.