Mode:Green Creates Personalized Audio, Lighting for Baccarat Hotel

NEW YORK—The flagship Baccarat Hotel New York in Midtown Manhattan is a study in fine luxury with its 60-ft. crystal facade and high-end amenities. Stemming from its heritage as a French glasswork company established in 1765, the new hotel brand seeks to evoke a sense of quality and craftsmanship in every sense of the word.

Hidden behind the walls is a secret: automated technology designed and programmed by Mode:Green to create a personalized audio and lighting experience for guests—from in-pool speakers to guestroom lighting—with the touch of a button on an iPad. 

“In 2006, we created a company that was heavily focused on luxury hospitality controls. Years later, we disbanded and Mode:Green was launched and focused on the niche market for creative guest experiences that no other companies were doing,” said Bill Lally, president of Mode:Green, a hospitality integration firm based in Chatham, NJ. “Clients understand why your specialty matters, and it’s key to who we are, what we deliver and how we define our delivery method.”

On the forward-facing and operations sides, Mode:Green did all the infrastructure for all the common spaces and audio-visual systems. The entire building is controlled via a single interface on a single iPad. According to Lally, their early involvement enabled the team to provide more support in the coordination phase.

“By the time a building can be built, it’s too late. We want to work with the electronic designers and see that what they’re designing is going to work once it’s built into the building,” said Lally.

If it takes more than 15 seconds for a guest to figure out the technology, then they haven’t done their jobs, noted Lally. The team at Mode:Green believes in building systems that are simple at face value; where a guest can walk in and understand its purpose.

“We want it to be seamless, but enhance the overall guest experience,” he said. “On the back-end, we’re enhancing the design of the room and setting different lighting scenes. When you open the door, the drapes open. It saves energy and provides an experience that is immersive.”

The Baccarat is an example of the design capabilities of Mode:Green. The company integrated the technology of about 12 different solutions into a seamless one that works together, noted Lally. And the expectations and stakes were high. “Between a normal integration and ours… If you have a big corporate environment where someone is paying $10,000 a night to stay in a hotel room, we have to deliver 100% at all times,” said Lally.

The level of precision and quality was one of the reasons Mode:Green was selected as a service provider in the early construction stages of the Baccarat Hotel project. Matt Smith, a consultant and corporate director of engineering for SH Group, has worked with Lally’s team in the past and knew they’d be the right fit for the job.

“They have high-tech capabilities, the knowledge of the product and the context within those organizations, so when things do come up, they have the management ability to go through vendors and get an end-solution that worked for us,” said Smith. “I have to say, their responsiveness on our projects has been phenomenal. From the time that partnership with Mode:Green was done, we’ve subsequently worked on 1 Hotels Central Park and 1 Hotels Brooklyn, and the results were such that we’ve partnered on some work in Miami.”

—Corris Little