Miami Beach Most Expensive U.S. Destination for New Year’s Eve

NEW YORK—Miami Beach is the most expensive U.S. destination for New Year’s Eve, according to the latest survey from, which compared 30 major U.S. destinations based on the cost of their lodging.

For each destination, the survey established the minimum amount visitors will have to spend on Dec. 31 to stay overnight in a double room. Only such hotels rated three stars or higher and those located close to the city center/beach were considered. With a rate of $360 for the most affordable room, Miami Beach leads the list.

The survey reveals that Florida’s main beach destination is more expensive than New York City. Indeed, the Big Apple ranks second most expensive on the survey at a nightly rate of $354. Coming in third most expensive is South Carolina’s seaport city of Charleston. In Florida’s other top tourist destination, Orlando, travelers can find a double room from $101 per night. Only Indianapolis ($100) and Salt Lake City ($79) are even more affordable to spend New Year’s Eve.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in the United States for New Year’s Eve. The rates shown reflect the price for the cheapest available double room (minimum: three-star hotel) on Dec. 31.

1. Miami Beach $360
2. New York City $354
3. Charleston, SC $339
4. Honolulu $295
5. Nashville, TN $239
6. Atlantic City, NJ $234
7. Denver $229
8. Los Angeles $228
9. San Francisco $219
10. Las Vegas $215


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