McKibbon Hospitality Uses Quore to Streamline Communications

TAMPA, FL—Going paperless was the goal of the early 2000s as technological advances allowed many companies to modernize their records, forms and communications using online platforms. McKibbon Hospitality made the switch from a paper-based to a cloud-based system in 2013, but there was still room for improvement.

“When I came on in 2013, it was clear that there was a need to evolve with technology. Our engineering teams were relying on radios and paper forms to do their daily tasks, so it was nearly impossible to track the status of a work order or know when it was completed. And when you’re responsible for the engineering operations at more than 100 properties, you can imagine the constraints with a paper-based system,” said Stan Hannibal, VP of engineering, McKibbon Hospitality. “Similarly, the capital expenditures approval process was cumbersome. The request would be emailed to multiple individuals for review and approval, which would take days to complete, and no one really knew who was on first, which would lead to an increase in emails and calls to see who needed to approve what.”

The company needed to make improvements to its technology to improve the quality of information being reported—which would help properties run more efficiently and make smarter decisions for guests, explained Hannibal.

“During our quest for a software solution, we found that Quore was intuitive and easy to set up for our employees. We tested a few products and found that Quore was ultimately the best fit for McKibbon’s needs,” Hannibal said. “We started it at three properties and immediately received feedback that Quore’s interface felt familiar to them and easy to use, so we rolled it out to the rest of our properties.”

“McKibbon was looking to upgrade from a paper-based system to a software that would provide more visibility into data and analytics to get their properties’ performance to the next level,” said Scott Schaedle, founder and CEO of Quore based in Franklin, TN. “The company’s needs included streamlining asset management across its entire portfolio, tracking work orders and preventative maintenance, and achieving accountability in real time.”

Once it was determined that McKibbon’s primary goal was to focus on asset management, Quore worked collaboratively with the team at McKibbon to ensure that each hotel’s assets were customized based on direction from the corporate office and that preventative maintenance checklists were customized to meet the portfolio needs.

“We knew that McKibbon would benefit from Quore’s intuitive, graphically driven design and easy-to-use dashboards. From property-level to above-property, Quore gives users just the right view, with high-level information and detailed drill-down options at their fingertips,” said Schaedle. “With a portfolio spanning multiple states, Quore’s cloud-based platform allowed McKibbon to have access to real-time knowledge of what was occurring at their hotels at any time—from anywhere. With Quore, above-property teams are able to identify successes and opportunity for improvement from any location and hold teams accountable for handling work in a timely fashion.”

As a result, McKibbon Hospitality was able to streamline communications and gain quick access to essential hotel operations, which led to enhanced guest satisfaction, staff productivity and asset tracking.

“Since the implementation of Quore, work order and capital request processes have drastically improved. With Quore, McKibbon Hospitality can track the number of work orders generated by type and by property to quantify capital needs and recurring issues,” said Hannibal. “Turnaround time for capital expenditures has decreased dramatically, from days to just hours. All approvers can immediately approve or deny a request and see the status of others in the chain, creating a fluent, quick and easy-to-track process.”

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