Magnuson Hotels Unveils Rebranding

SPOKANE, WA—Magnuson Hotels has unveiled a new look as it looks to expand consumer awareness of its Magnuson Grand, Magnuson Hotels and M Star Hotels brands.

The rebrand is the first in the hotel group’s 12-year history and will include new signage as well as new marketing initiatives. In addition, the company recently formed a global partnership with Jin Jiang and Louvre, the largest hotel groups in Asia and Europe, respectively. 

“Magnuson’s decision to unveil an updated brand identity is the first stage in exporting our fastest-growing U.S. brand to a global audience,” stated CEO Tom Magnuson. “By partnering with Jin Jiang and Louvre Hotlels, the Magnuson Hotel brands will be directly available for corporate, leisure and travel agent bookings from China and 50 other countries. As our combined companies now represent nearly 5,600 hotels and more than 500,000 rooms, we expect the impact to be significant for our U.S. hotel affiliates.”

While the new branding will be implemented on all future Magnuson campaigns, the hotels will retain some degree of flexibility to choose designs that complement their location. U.K. creative agency Stokenbrand was selected to execute the rebrand alongside the marketing team.

For more information, see Oct. 7 edition of Hotel Business.