Made for Hotel Staff, By Hotel Staff to Streamline Operations

FRANKLIN, TN—Five years ago, Scott Schaedle began to build a solution that he was sure hoteliers like himself would appreciate: asset management software designed to streamline hotel operations. The saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”—well in this case, let’s say father of invention. Quore Systems was born out of a need for a mobile-friendly tool to help hotel staff—housekeepers to engineers—manage work orders and requests in a timely and efficient manner.

“I was working for my father’s hotel company and I started working for a Residence Inn and Courtyard he owned. They were well-run with perfect QA scores, but I noticed there were some miscommunications and requests not being met so I set out thinking there’s got to be a technology out there to help,” said Schaedle, founder and CEO, Quore Systems, based here.

He took it upon himself to find a suitable solution to the problem. While there were many options available, none were mobile-friendly and that wasn’t going to cut it. With hotel staff performing their jobs from anywhere on the property, having a viable communication platform would be critical to their performance.

“From engineers to housekeepers, they all have smartphones in their pockets. I created a work ticket solution and I spent a year to build it. I worked third shift at the hotel and was able to collaborate with everyone at the property,” he said.

His hard work paid off and the two hotels embraced using the platform, which soon led to other clients, including Pillar Hotels & Resorts, InterMountain, McKibbon Hotel Management and Chartwell Hospitality to name a few. Recently, IHG selected Quore as the brand’s preferred software vendor. There are now 20,000 hoteliers using Quore, according to the company.

“They bought Quore for their hotels and that put us in business and gave me the opportunity as a brand-new company to earn credibility for a solution that was worthwhile,” he said. “We went from one hotel to 200 hotels using it in 2012. From there, I expanded it from a one-man shop to a well-run operation with 22 employees on an enterprise-level solution. We also signed a deal with IHG and started on-boarding at properties.”

According to Schaedle, his company was the first on the scene to fully embrace mobile technology for back-of-house solutions. He’s also particular about how he designs software, with a strong focus on there being a single point of entry for hotel staff to do all the work they need to accomplish.

“They’re too busy to log into various programs. Let’s put it all in one big solution, so then it becomes muscle memory. When a work order comes in, they just go into Quore,” he said. “We’re collecting 80-90% of information we need to collect. That’s what really set us apart—and having everyone use one solution for everything they do but check-in.”

A customer-oriented approach and active solicitation of feedback from the people who will use the product regularly has cemented Quore’s growing client base.

“We don’t focus on the VP or CEO in our users studies. We focus on front-desk agents, engineers, housekeepers, etc. If the software doesn’t work for them, we delve deeper to meet their needs. We work from the bottom up to get feedback,” he said. “We only want to put out a great product because that’s what they’re paying for.”

—Corris Little