Leading Market Share Is An Honor We Don’t Take Lightly

On behalf of the entire staff at HOTEL BUSINESS®, I would like to thank you for making Hotel Business the Number One trade publication serving the hospitality marketplace for the third consecutive year. It’s easy for a magazine publisher or executive director to arbitrarily anoint his or her publication as the de facto industry leader. However, without validation from statistical data and executive testimonials, such a designation isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
In 2010, according to Patterson Advertising Reports Inc., Hotel Business has soared to be the decisive leader in advertising market share among B2B hospitality publications with a 38.15% share compared to 24.80%, 20.86% and 16.18% for the second, third and fourth highest titles, respectively.

Strong support system
We accept this recognition with great pride and humility, understanding that such an honor reflects not only the hard work of the Hotel Business staff, but also the invaluable support of so many members of this great industry.
Over the last 20 years loyal readers of the publication have learned first-hand the commitment and pride our editors take in being the first to break a news item or secure that hard to get interview. Our veteran in-house editorial team has forged close connections within the industry for an unmatched level of insight and reliability you can’t get from freelance columnists and consultants.
Over the last couple of years our sales team has been successful in convincing advertisers to spend larger amounts of their reduced marketing budgets with Hotel Business. By doing so, they’ve realized
a dominant presence in the leading publication, as opposed to spreading a thin message across three or four publications. The end result
of this loyal support has been a double-digit increase in our overall market share.
In addition, our advertisers have bestowed their confidence in our commitment to an integrated platform of high frequency print exposure (nearly 30% higher than the next title), multi-media web coverage and live networking events.
Our goal every day is to help our readers run their businesses more profitably and we always welcome input and suggestions on how we can do this more effectively. We are particularly excited to share thoughts and ideas on our newest offerings, as well as our revamped initiatives such as the Executive Roundtable Series, Hotel Business DESIGN magazine and custom website development services.
I’d be foolish to say that becoming the industry’s Number One publication was easy because it definitely was not. But while I do realize that maintaining the leadership position will be a difficult, daunting endeavor, there is absolutely not a doubt in my mind that the entire Hotel Business team is up to the task. In fact, we won’t be satisfied with just meeting your expectations, but rather far exceeding them.
Congratulations to Lauren Esposito on being promoted to editor of Hotel Business DESIGN™. Lauren has played an integral part in developing HB DESIGN’s overall vision of reporting on hospitality design from more of a business perspective. Her long-term relationships and experience within both the hospitality business and design communities have prepared her to lead HB DESIGN to new heights.