Kube Systems Enters Middle East Market With Precision Technologies

JERICHO, NY—Kube Systems and Precision Technologies have entered into a Middle Eastern distribution agreement with two of Kube Systems’ products—the Kube Clock and Kube 5.

The Kube Clock features Bluetooth streaming and the ability to charge up to six mobile devices with an Apple lightning, Apple 30-pin, and micro-USB flip-out cable, auto-sensing USB ports, optional Qi wireless charging and an intuitive alarm clock. The Kube 5 is identical to the Kube Clock, with the time element and audio streaming removed. The unit comes with a docking station to house and power five portable chargers and Qi charging is a standard feature.

“In this hotel market, travelers are known to bring at least two or three phones and other mobile devices with them when they travel,” said Davis Anto, general manager, Precision Technologies. “The charging solutions from Kube Systems are really gaining momentum in this region, especially among five-star hotels in Qatar and Oman. We’ve already placed thousands of units at hotels, and as the market begins to stabilize across Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, we anticipate at least doubling our penetration this year alone.”