Knights, Villager Conference To Highlight Marketing

NASHVILLE, TN- HOTEL BUSINESS. has learned that new marketing and advertising initiatives will be announced at the Knights Inn and Villager Lodge Conference being held here next week.

According to a spokesperson for the brands, Bruce Bloom, president/CEO of Knights Inn, will officially announce its “Every Knight, Just Right” slogan and operating philosophy.

The brands new philosophy is focused around its commitment to people, service, and value; and its new advertising and marketing campaigns will feature these fresh ideas by updating the brands mascot with a more contemporary look. Knights Inn will also be unveiling a new marketing sponsorship on Monday, October 23.

Ken Rodgers, president/CEO of Villager Lodge, will be outlining the success of the extended stay industry, and will discuss the brands international expansion in Mexico and Canada.

He will also announce Villager Lodges new marketing campaign, which will feature the brands mascot, “the Mayor,” in a new role. In addition, Villager will unveil plans to advertise on new mediums, previously untapped by Villager. (10/20/00) –Diana M. Rodriguez  (10/20/00)