Keep Austin Fun: Archer Austin Curates Girlfriend Getaways for All Ages

AUSTIN, TX—The capital of Texas is proud of its eccentricity and even has a slogan: “Keep Austin Weird.” As one of the fastest growing cities, according to census figures, Austin is also a lure to travelers of all ages eager to take in the cultural sights, lively music scene and down-home cooking. The behemoth South by Southwest interactive, music and film festival is here, too. In a city with something for everyone, luxe boutique hotel Archer Hotel Austin is wooing women of all ages—20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and the “Don’t Ask Decade”—with its curated gal pal getaways.

Located in the city’s Domain Northside, a shopping, dining and nightlife destination, the 171-room, eight-story property has as abundance of local touches infused within the decor and programming, showcasing a deep appreciation of Texan roots.  

“We like to say it is Texas chic—think designer dress worn with the perfect cowboy boots—that makes Archer Austin luxurious, yet casual,” said Cheryl Gilliam, SVP, brands and marketing, LodgeWorks, owner and developer of the Archer Hotel brand. “The rustic luxe theme carries through in myriad curated details, from the wallcoverings born from old leather belts behind the headboards in a number of rooms to leather-clad trunks to storied local artwork.”

For Archer Austin, the girlfriend getaway concept was formed out of what guests were saying about their stay on social media. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the hotel is located in the city’s prime retail and dining hub—it was a natural fit.

“We met many girlfriend getaway guests and followed their social media posts, affirming Archer Austin as a coveted girls’ getaway destination. Archer is all about the details, big and small; it is never a one-size-fits-all approach,” Gilliam said. “With this in mind, we wanted to create a personalized and memorable experience that spoke to traveling women based on the ages and stages of their group.” 

Women at different places in life want different things and those needs are continuously evolving. Archer Austin breaks down detailed itineraries for each decade, with differentiated offerings based on the woman’s season of life. The basics include luxe accommodations for up to four in the hotel’s double king guestooms; Glam + Goodies welcome gift specially curated for guests; cocktail hour at the Second Bar + Kitchen or Archer’s Second Bar + Kitchen Terrace with two hours with gourmet bites by Chef David Bull; blowouts at Domain Northside; and decade-specific hostess dedicated to mapping out the fun itinerary for the girlfriend group.

“Typically the stores you shop in—and clothes you wear—when you are 20-something are different from when you hit your 40s. While good friends, hardy laughs and fantastic food make for the base of a great girlfriend getaway at any age, your idea of a perfect evening changes as you move through life,” she said. “From being at the bar until last call to getting back to your room in time to call your kids before they go to bed, priorities and your idea of a good time change.”

At Archer, everyone plays the role of host or hostess, so the decade-specific hostesses include a range of female staffers throughout the hotel, noted Gilliam.

“Not surprisingly, everyone jumped at the chance to share their favorite local recommendations with our guests. We also tapped the incredible female marketing team at Domain Northside and, of course, our Chef Concierge Steven Leigh, who knows Austin like no one else,” she said. “We’ve seen lots of inquiries and tracked interest via our blog traffic and social channels. The 30s and 40s appear to be in the lead, but perhaps they are just the planner decades.”

And don’t worry, guys won’t be left out of the fun at Archer. The brand has plans in the works for a special pool/patio/cabana experience. Building on the offerings at Archer Austin, Gilliam is looking to extend the girlfriend getaway concept to other properties and cities.

“Archer will offer girlfriend getaways in New York, Napa and our upcoming suburban locations in Burlington, MA; Florham Park, NJ; and Redmond, WA,” she said. “Some girlfriend trips are planned months in advance and some happen on a lark just down the street. Archer just wants to make it easy for girlfriends to gather and choose their adventure.”