Kalibri Labs: Near-Term Travel Likely to Suffer, More Industry Trends

NATIONAL REPORT—Kalibri Labs has released updated data from its COVID-19 Industry Health Dashboard, which is designed to provide critical insights to the hotel community as it weathers the storm of COVID-19.

Among the highlights are the following:

  • Across all rate categories, demand was down week over week. This is attributable in part to reduced demand, but also a result of the July 4th week having a favorable year-over-year comparison (7/4/19 occurred on a Wednesday; 7/4/20 occurred on a Friday).
  • Despite the recent declines, all rate categories other than group and corporate are showing revenue improvements from the trough in mid-April.
  • It is possible that the most recent surge in cases across the U.S. could result in downward trends in demand in the short term/next few weeks. The unknown and evolving nature of both health and business restrictions will most certainly have some impact on hotel and travel demand.
  • Without more defined and consistent regulations on group gatherings and social-distancing practices at the national, state and/or local levels, and the corresponding confidence such measures would provide to consumers, group, corporate and government demand will most likely continue to suffer.
  • Across the U.S., airlines tickets net purchased continue a week over week downward trend from a mid-June climb. This is most likely reflective of a growing lack of consumer confidence in near-term travel due to recent surges in cases across most of the country.