It’s All a Matter of Time

More than ever, I find myself asking, “Where did the time go?” And I know I’m not alone. It seems that at some point during most of my conversations—personal or professional—someone utters that. It’s October. My favorite month and favorite season…but weren’t we all just at ALIS? Just at NYU? Now, we’re already past The Lodging Conference (see coverage on page 8). In the world of magazine publishing, where dates are always top of mind (deadlines, print dates, mail dates… Did I say deadlines?) we’re very conscious of time, always planning a few issues, at the very least, ahead and where the near-term future is now. So, in my world, we’re already at the end of this year, with 2017 right in front of us.

I’m writing this because I want to use this chance to mention some end-of-year chances and next-year opportunities. About a month from now, we go to print with our Dec. 15, year-end issue and our 20th annual Green Book. As you know, our December issue is our “10 to Watch” edition, in which Hotel Business profiles 10 industry leaders who are making—and anticipated to continue making—news. The people we select come from varying backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: They have an upward trajectory and forward thinking worth following. While Hotel Business each year chooses the noteworthy 10, I encourage you to send me a note with a name you’d like us to consider, and the reasons why.

On the topic of December and submissions, I like to put forth a call to action: Please take a moment when you’re finished reading this to go online to and fill out a survey—if you have not already done so this year—appropriate to your business category.

We have architects and designers; brands; brokers; construction companies; management companies; owners and developers; purchasing companies; and sources of funding surveys. You may have missed the original deadlines to make it into the corresponding issues throughout the year, but you have one last chance to make it into the Green Book, a compilation of all of our lists. The deadline for submission is Nov. 23, right before Thanksgiving.

And just a heads-up: Next year, 2017, marks the 25th anniversary of Hotel Business magazine. We have a few special things planned to commemorate our silver anniversary and our service to and leadership in this industry, but I’d love to hear stories from our readers who have spent the last quarter century or more helping to shape the lodging landscape we now enjoy today.

Begin sharing your memories with me by reaching out to [email protected].