Industry Should Work On Image: HBA?s Bartlett

CHICAGO? ?Our industry needs further, in-depth self-examination in order to more fully evaluate its pluses and minuses.? With those words, Hospitality Business Alliance Executive Director Michael Bartlett suggested an overall course of action the hospitality industry should consider as it strives to position itself as an attractive career option. Pointing out that the hospitality arena is not the only field of commercial endeavor suffering under a perception of low pay, dead-end jobs and excessive turnover, he explained that the industry needs to rectify these images of itself lest they become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. ?To this end,? he said, ?we need to take stock of the advantages our industry can offer…and perhaps not be so reticent about playing up these advantages at the expense of other industries competing for much of the same entry-level talent and skills we seek to attract.?