In Wake Of Irene, AH&LA Recommends Action Steps

WASHINGTON, DC–In the aftermath of the damage caused to hotels by tropical storm Irene, the American Hotel & Lodging Association has drafted a list of action items managers need to consider in advance, during, and after a natural disaster.

Topping the list is the need to review insurance coverages and reporting requirements with your insurance agent. In many cases, its a grey area whether your policy includes flooding coverage, for example.

Next, the AH&LA recommends setting up a telephone number for employees to call for the latest information on schedules, closings, and so on. Third on the list is the need to secure the propertys vital employee and financial records.

Tropical storm Irene and its follow-up storm Lee caused billions of dollars in property damage as well as the loss of life with the Northeast part of the country especially hard hit.