Temperature Control Can Lead to Quality Sleep

NATIONAL REPORT—Getting quality sleep when one travels is extremely important to a positive stay.

“When we travel, we put our bodies through stress that can impact our sleep,” said Tara Youngblood, co-founder Chili/Kryo Inc. “Jet lag, changes in schedule and unfamiliar sleep environments can throw off our body’s natural cycle.”

Youngblood’s company has recently released several products for hospitality to help guests get the sleep they need.

The hydro-powered Ooler Sleep System includes a hydronic pad and control unit with app features to control temperature and sleep schedules. The system heats or cools the bed from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chiliPad sleep system includes a hydro-powered mattress pad with a thermal regulating control unit and remote control for one or two sleepers.

“Temperature is very important for quality sleep,” she said. “Keeping your sleep space cool, around 60-68 degrees, is critical. Undergoing a change in temperature around bedtime, like taking a cold or warm shower, bath or using a temperature-controlled sleep solution like chiliPad and Ooler helps flip your brain’s sleep switch, releasing melatonin naturally, helping you fall asleep. As your body’s core temperature drops in the middle of the night, the cooling mattress pad helps keep you asleep, increasing the restorative deep sleep your mind and body crave.”

The company also has the chiliBlanket Weighted Blanket, which delivers the calming benefits of a weighted blanket, but also cools and heats using water. The weight of the blanket has been shown to have the same calming effect of a hug, and the cooling capabilities stimulate melatonin to help naturally induce sleep.

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  1. Temperature is really very important for quality sleep. Using a good bed, right sleeping posture, daily sleep routine, avoid caffeine, daily exercise, etc are also helpful for a good sleep. Thank you for your valuable advice. I appreciate your writing.