How to Please Your Luxury Guests Without Breaking a Sweat

It won’t have escaped anyone that the world is a fast-paced place to live in these days. And luxury, previously synonymous with calm and serenity, is no exception to the rule. The experiential luxury sector is expanding exponentially and with it, the demand for constantly better and faster service. More than ever, the “right here, right now” mindset is obliging professionals to perpetually upgrade their reactivity, while continuing to offer impeccable quality.

Slow channels simply don’t work for today’s fast people and if you’ve ever chartered a luxury yacht for your guests, you probably know it can be a complex affair, involving finding the right provider, checking their fleet, issuing a booking request and waiting for the boat’s availability—along with that of the captain and crew—to be confirmed, signing the charter agreement and providing a down payment. Let’s not forget transfers and port parking, on-board food and insurance. In short, an obstacle course incompatible with the requirements of a wealthy and ultra-connected clientele.

The hotel industry is living a new digital revolution that nobody can afford to ignore. Disappointing a customer almost always means losing them. But satisfying them in one click ensures their lasting loyalty. Even so, providing a real-time response isn’t enough. It also has to be positive and faultless. If you want to beat the digital competition, your services need to be instant, reliable and available at all times. You certainly don’t want to be at sea when it comes to hiring a luxury yacht for your guests. Or winging it if they need a private jet…

The answer? Go digital, give yourself the right tools, offer luxury guests what they want—and make sure they come back for more.

Immidia has developed a one-stop shop, offering instant, online access to a whole galaxy of top-level services such as yacht and jet hire, cars and prestigious villas. The list remains open.

The Immidia team are all luxury experts backed by over a decade of hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of the luxury clientele. This know-how has now been digitized to empower professionals and give them a flying start when it comes to delivering to the customer. 

The app is exclusively deployed through a network of hand-picked licensees upholding the culture and methods associated with luxury services, such as five-star hoteliers, high-end travel advisers and private concierge services, who can incorporate the service into a website, sales strategy or CRM at the speed of light. Licensees are free to use their charter fees to offer loyalty-boosting discounts or pay for advertising and can also promote the various services as a white label.

The Immidia proprietary algorithm is capable of determining, for example, the list of available yachts, captains and crews, calculating the charter price, including additional services such as passenger transfer or luxury catering, and providing an immediate response that the guest confirms in a single click.

Customer service always comes first and Immidia provides real people to accompany the customer journey from the first click through to limousine transfers and on-board welcome by a member of the Immidia team. Guest management services also include a worldwide hotline, available round the clock daily.

Previously seen as a threat to the luxury hotel, leisure and service industry in general, the digital revolution, when properly managed, offers today’s professionals a genuine way forward, bringing more direct bookings, more customer satisfaction and more loyalty. Without breaking a sweat.

—Christophe Chauvin, CEO of Immidia

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