How Shaping a Personalized Experience Can Make Guests Feel Special

Today’s guests want individualized experiences—a trend expected to continue into the New Year. With renewed optimism among hoteliers toward increased RevPAR in 2015, according to a recent SmartBrief poll sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, more hotels are providing custom services that recognize the interests of leisure and business travelers alike. Here’s how some properties are creating a niche:

1. In addition to its full-service hotel concierge, The Epiphany Hotel by Joie de Vivre in Palo Alto, CA, provides a dedicated technology concierge. This service helps guests make the most of technology offerings, which include a G-Link dock to stream movies from devices to the in-room television.

2. Another tech-forward concierge service is Novotel’s virtual concierge. The Accor brand implemented the smartphone app in 2013, allowing guests to access services such as information on restaurants and cultural activities near the hotel, weather information, flight schedules and virtual postcards.

3. Some concierge services cater to a more fun guest experience. The sneaker concierge at the Dream Downtown in New York provides clients access to rare and limited-edition sneakers. Hotel Vermont in Burlington has a beer concierge, who can provide insight into the area’s craft beer scene, including guided tours of several local breweries.

4. Hotels are inventing ways to make life easier on the road for business travelers. Six Degrees, a pilot program between the Cambridge Marriott and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aims to create networks among hotel guests to connect with other travelers based on similar interests and experiences. For example, runners could connect with others and plan a morning jog, or alumni of a particular university could arrange to meet for drinks in the bar.  

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