How Harnessing Audio Over WiFi Can Enhance the Hotel Stay

BLUFFDALE, UT—Are you designing a lobby or common space? Don’t forget about the sound and acoustics. A new product that harnesses audio over WiFi may help.

Established in 1998, Listen Technologies strives to deliver audio directly to the individual, so everyone can hear clearly and share in the same great experience.

“We are motivated by a deep understanding of how sound enriches our lives and believe that everyone deserves to connect to experiences with pure, focused audio,” said Tracy Bathurst, SVP of technology, at Listen Technologies. “We equip users with personalized assistive listening solutions to listen and engage in environments where hearing is difficult, whether they are in a theme park, house of worship, tour group, theater or other venue. We provide a better way to hear the world.”

Much like other segments, the hospitality industry is highly competitive and aims to create memorable experiences for all guests. However, hotels differ because there are more common areas that include TVs such as lobbies, gyms, bars and business centers.

“Traditionally, TV sound is either turned off or the hotel has invested in technology that displays the content digitally along the bottom of the screen,” Bathurst said. “Listen Everywhere is a great way to provide an exceptional audio experience for guests and differentiate from other properties by allowing guests to listen to the audio they choose. Guests can hear audio from these sources clearly regardless of background noise.”

Sound and acoustics are vital to the overall design of hotel spaces in order to deliver a superior guest experience.

“Sound is the elemental fabric that makes experiences memorable. Without sound, we feel disconnected and isolated,” said Bathurst. “Advancements in technology make superior audio experiences the norm rather than the exception. The hospitality industry has always been cutting-edge when it comes to audio-visual technology and presentation; audio over WiFi provides another opportunity for the hospitality industry to set the standard for the guest’s experience.”

So, what is audio over WiFi? Audio over WiFi makes it possible for any audio that is broadcast via PA (public address) systems, cable/TV, and other venue sources to be accessible to anyone via a free app downloaded on any smart device. The audio is streamed to the individual’s Android or iOS device and the guest can listen using headphones, earbuds or directly via Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Setting up an audio over Wi-Fi system is simple and requires a minimal amount of time for the hotel, according to Bathurst.

Here’s how it works: Listen Everywhere can be added to a hotel’s existing wireless network. Property owners simply decide which audio sources they want to connect to the Listen Everywhere server—such as a house station, radio stations, TV monitors in common areas like the lobby, bar, pool, fitness facility, etc.—then connect to the server using audio cables, customize the channel names via cloud services and label the TVs or audio sources so guests know which audio channel to select for the program they want to listen to.

“Once Listen Everywhere is installed, the hotel simply needs to come up with a plan for how to encourage use, which can include information shared upon check-in, printed on room keys, included in digital signage displayed in-room and in common areas, as well as signage and banners staged throughout the property,” he said. “Upon check-in, guests receive instructions for downloading the free Listen Everywhere app, connect to the designated hotel network, and choose the station they want to listen to while they enjoy the hotel amenities.”

Customization is also available for hotels seeking to create an audio experience. “The hotel can customize the app with its brand and use messaging features, including text banners, welcome videos, promotional banners and custom channel labels to communicate with guests,” he said. “Hotels can also use audio over WiFi technology to provide sound for movie night in the pool or common area without disturbing the other guests.”