How Disruptive Innovation Can Benefit the Luxury Industry

If you look up the word ‘disruptive’ in the Oxford Dictionary, you may be in for a surprise: rubbing shoulders with such classic definitions as unruly, disorderly and unmanageable, you’ll also find inventive, ingenious and groundbreaking.

And that just about puts it in a nutshell. Disruption applied to business can imply inefficiency, job losses and plummeting sales. Or, it can generate efficiency, growth opportunities and jobs. It all depends how you use it.

The disruptive innovation concept was created by French advertising guru and TBWA Chairman Jean Marie Dru, who explained the process in three stages:

• When a business gets stuck in an innovation rut, it means their usual way of doing things is creating a blockage.

• To get out of the rut, the business needs to be disruptive, i.e. challenge the conventional paradigm.

• Then, it has to identify fresh, new ways of doing things.

And the choice between hanging in there by doing the same things a bit better or stepping completely outside the box and adopting an entirely new model, can be a tough one.

Changing the rules to offer a more fluid, open and direct model is the secret behind many of today’s most successful enterprises, but it is a delicate affair and perhaps even more so in the luxury industry, where a smart balance needs to be found between new and old. New in the sense of embracing the technological revolution and old in the sense of maintaining a strong human element, where guests always have someone to talk to and care for them.

A disembodied, digital tool will not satisfy a wealthy and demanding clientele, but instant, faultless service, with real people on hand at all times, is likely to pave the way to success.

Immidia is part of a new generation of startups backed by a team of experts with decades of hands-on experience at the height of the luxury sector. Our business concept proved itself in real life before we disrupted it and turned it digital, allowing a demanding clientele to enjoy the most exciting luxury experiences imaginable, instantly and with total ease.

Until now, hiring a yacht, high-end car, villa or private jet was the domain of a few. Today, it’s on hand in real time and in one click, 24/7, throughout the world and using a single app. Immidia gives access to a variety of hand-picked, quality-certified service providers, topped with unrivaled guarantees in terms of excellence and reactivity and ultra-personalized support, including a guest relation service, hotline and permanent assistance.

Immidia is building a network of five-star hotels, travel advisers, private concierge services and family offices to create an exclusive, international distribution system. According to the company, their licensees and partners aren’t weighed down by financial undertakings: fees are payable on completed bookings only and consist of transparent commission sharing, managed by Immidia.

Our luxury service platform creates a dynamic marketplace with exponential growth, where absolutely everyone is a winner. We already employ 30 full-time staff and are set to hire many more as we develop our guest relation service and hire more customer assistants.

Disruptive innovation isn’t just a fancy term to be bandied around at cocktail parties. It truly can be everyone’s friend if we use it to overturn classic business practices and boost job creations by re-thinking traditional ways to create value.

—Christophe Chauvin, CEO of Immidia

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