How Brands, OTAs Can Drive Bookings and Revenue Online

FORT WORTH, TX—Born from an opportunity to innovate within the travel space, Koddi works with hotel brands and OTAs to connect with consumers and drive more bookings and revenue through various online channels.

“We realized there wasn’t a tool in the marketplace for travel marketers to manage their metasearch advertisements at scale,” said Nicholas Ward, president and co-founder of Koddi. “From that challenge, the Koddi enterprise platform was created, making it possible for marketers at travel brands to manage and automate the millions of possible bid levers in a metasearch auction, as well as gain granular insights to improve performance and ROI. Over the last six years, Koddi has grown to add additional marketing solutions for other digital channels and verticals within travel.”

The SaaS platform provides a robust network for hotel brands and publishers to connect with consumers and drive more bookings and revenue through unified metasearch, social and programmatic campaigns.

“With Koddi, hotel advertisers can consolidate and manage the entire purchase funnel and gain insights at each point to adjust and optimize campaigns across all channels,” said Ward. “As a result, marketers fuel their growth and harness real-time intelligence to drive informed decision-making and improve operational expenses. More simply put, we help brands drive more bookings and revenue while increasing the efficiency of their digital investments.”

Koddi’s client roster includes major hotel brands such as Accor, Choice Hotels International and InterContinental Hotels Group. “We’re fortunate to work with some of the largest hotel brands in the world, serving both marketing and revenue managers at the corporate level, as well as hotel managers at the individual hotel level,” he said.

Choice Hotels partnered with Koddi to drive bookings to low occupancy hotels using Google Hotel Ads.

“Our team implemented an innovative marketing strategy that factored Choice’s occupancy data in real time, adjusting bid strategies in Hotel Ads accordingly,” he said. “Properties at lower occupancy rates received more aggressive bids, which led to more traffic and greatly benefited Choice’s value brands: Rodeway and Sleep Inn. By leveraging occupancy data, Choice grew its traffic, bookings and revenue while improving its return.”

The global company recently increased the depth of its bid optimization and forecasting capabilities, added new channels for customers and developed a high scale price parity solution for enterprise advertisers.

“We’re also working closely with key publishers to test new programs that allow hotels more control over their visibility and positioning on the shelf, as well as helping them develop new optimization capabilities to allow for increased efficiency in their advertising products,” he said. “With this approach of driving both scale and efficiency, we are uniquely positioned to have the biggest impact possible on our clients’ growth.”