Partners With Button

NEW YORK—Button has been selected by as its preferred platform for mobile partnerships. According to the company, this makes it the first OTA or hotel booking provider to pursue app installs and in-app transactions at scale to power its partnerships and affiliate marketing channel.

Button will connect the app to millions of new users globally, and re-engage existing customers across its marketplace of publisher experiences. Instead of partners linking to mobile web, they will now link directly to the app.

“The publishers look at Button’s marketplace and say great, now inside of my experience, my app that reviews great cities to visit, my travel app where someone can make a train or airline booking, I can put a button to so that after they read the article or book the flight they can now immediately book a hotel and I can earn revenue off that,” explained Michael Jaconi, founder and CEO of Button. “That’s the dynamic. We’ve got hundreds of publishers that use our platform. We have an undisclosed number of users on the platform, but it’s in the nine figures. The beauty here is we’ve got all these users you can gain exposure to.”

“The travel industry is poised to capitalize on new ways to deliver on enormous and mostly untapped purchase intent distributed across mobile,” said Jaconi. “We see over 400% increases in sales conversions when transactions are moved from a company’s mobile website to their app—and with apps becoming a larger part of most commerce companies’ strategies, Button is poised to deliver on this for more and more verticals, with travel being one of the most exciting.  Our goal is to give a consumer access to anything they want at the touch of a button and to allow them to buy the product or service they’re seeking in the fewest taps possible. Our newest partnership with and the partners they’re bringing onto the Button Marketplace are a wonderful example of why we started the company.”

“We see Button as a great technology partner and believe their solution will help us enhance the customers’ mobile booking experience,” says Paulo Cunha, senior director of global retail and business development for “Button enables us to remain connected to our customers throughout their entire journey from the point where they start dreaming about travel to offering them access to in-destination services and experiences.”