Hotelogix Offers Free Cloud-Based PMS

SAN JOSE, CA—Hotelogix has launched its Freemium program, which gives one user license of its premium, cloud-based PMS to any hotel owner. The program was designed for independent hotels and small- to medium-sized group properties.

The company raised venture capital from Accel Partners and Saama Capital to support this initiative.

“We are proud to be pioneering this first-of-its-kind initiative by any cloud PMS provider,” stated Aditya Sanghi, Hotelogix CEO. “The infused funding will be used to aggressively create awareness and drive adoption of cloud PMS technology. It will also enable us to aggressively market and support the Freemium initiative, increasing our user base and giving small hotels the opportunity to adopt our technology. Once hoteliers experience this cloud PMS, we believe they won’t want to operate any other way.”

The company cited the 2014 Lodging Technology Study, which stated that 40.4% of hoteliers plan to take their on-property solutions to the cloud this year, with the industry investing heav­ily in property-management technology.

According to the company, Hotelogix allows hotels to leverage the cloud and access the business anywhere, anytime; integrate critical operations, including reservations, restaurants, distribution, accounts, online bookings and payments all on one platform; simplify the hotel management process; save on IT infrastructure, maintenance and operational costs; manage multiple properties through a single point dashboard; monitor and manage performance with back office and reports; control rates and inventory distribution from a single-point dashboard; and increase revenues by plugging in to the global online marketplace.

To get started with Hotelogix via the Freemium program, hotels need a computer and a basic Internet connection. Hotelogix will manage server maintenance, interconnectivity with the sole staff user and database administration in the cloud, enabling each property to work with a minimal infrastructure.