hotelAVE Launches Post Script Hospitality

PROVIDENCE, RI—Hotel Asset Value Enhancement (hotelAVE) has created Post Script Hospitality, a hotel value enhancement service designed to identify, revise, implement and train on new processes to monetize cost savings within the operation.

According to the company, this new service enables owners, operators and in-house asset managers to take advantage of hotelAVE’s asset management expertise, coupled with Post Script’s operational approach to identify areas where cost efficiency opportunities exist, followed by implementing strategies to realize improvements in these areas.

Saxton Sharad, managing partner at Post Script Hospitality, stated, “Post Script works collaboratively with a property’s team, diving deep into its operation and data metrics in order to identify opportunities for bottom line improvement to all items on the P&L. After training to new operating standards and processes, our proprietary PERfact Operating System is implemented to ensure the desired results are not only achieved, but also maintained over a long period of time.”