Hotel Spa Revenues and Profits Increase

BOSTON—According to the recently released 2013 edition of PKF Consulting USA, LLC’s (PKFC) Trends in the Hotel Spa Industry report, hotel spa revenues and profits have increased at a pace greater than other non-rooms department sources of hotel revenue for the second consecutive year.

The study reveals that spa department revenue increased by 5.0% at hotel properties in the survey sample. For reference purposes, this compares favorably to the 2.3% increase in food and beverage revenue, the second largest source of revenue for most hotel.

“Due to its historical stigma as a luxurious amenity, spa revenue initially lagged behind the growth of other revenue sources during the early stages of the recovery,” stated Andrea Foster, VP and national director of spa and wellness consulting for PKFC. “However, the 2012 increase in spa revenue is a trend we anticipated would occur. There has been a notable focus shift to wellness, specifically taking better care of ourselves for improved health and quality of life, of which spas are an important part.”

Spas located in both urban hotels and resort properties enjoyed increases in revenue during 2012, though each achieved their growth in different ways. Urban hotels not only were able to induce more guests to avail themselves of spa services, but they were able to increase prices, as well. The net result was an attractive 7.2% gain in revenue. On the other hand, resort spa revenue grew by just 3.8%.