Hotel 48LEX New York Curates Pet Perks to Benefit Bideawee

NEW YORK—What’s more quintessential than a canine companion by your side? Midtown Manhattan’s luxe Hotel 48LEX New York wants guests—and their dogs—to feel right at home by offering a package that caters to the needs of the two-legged and four-legged set.

“We love our companions and take pride in being New Yorkers, too. Our hotel has a residence feel and the package is centered around it. We created a package that embodies the relevance of caring for the guest, plus the amenities we afford our human guests, and came up with this package,” said Carol Ajikata, director of sales and marketing, 48LEX Hotel. “It’s very simple, but has all the elements that make for a successful and fun trip for everyone.”

Last September, the hotel went independent and, since then, it has set its sights on executing newer and unique programming tailored to the expectations of its guests. “I’m very excited to be a part of this journey, and we are filled with so many ideas. We hope guests will enjoy each step with us. We want the hotel to reach its full potential and make sure all of our guests’ needs are met and exceeded,” Ajikata said.

In creating the pet-friendly program, the team at 48Lex hit the streets and looked at the different options for people visiting the city with their dogs and the spectrum of luxury offerings in the hospitality space. “We wanted to be different and embody the values of fun, safety, philanthropy and comfort. We achieved that,” Ajikata said.

As a proud pet parent of Shelties Mei and Kenjy, Ajikata scoured the city for practical, yet fun items to be part of this curated package. The result is nothing short of luxurious for the traveling pampered pooch. Among the pet perks guests staying at 48LEX will receive are a Beekman 1802 dog mat and bowls, bottled water service, a hotel-branded dog tag with the property’s address provided for safety, waste bags and a choice of toy from the hotel’s selection for big to small dogs.

“Everyone has something perfect for them that’s fun, and we really thought of everything. For an additional fee, we provide a dog-walking service. We’ve vetted our partner and we also have a GPS tracker for peace of mind,” she said. “One important element we added that I don’t see other hotels doing is our partnership with Bideawee, one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in New York, and our commitment to donating proceeds from the pet fee. You can see and feel the passion of the volunteers for the animals under their care, and Bideawee shares the same values we do as a company. This initiative makes the program fun and meaningful at the same time.”

Upon entering the hotel, guests and their dogs are greeted and escorted through the lobby for check-in. As part of their welcome, hotel staff will explain the amenities available for humans and dogs alike. If the pet-friendly package is booked, hosts will present the curated toys and let the dog pick a favorite on the spot. “The dogs are happy and the humans are happy. We also thank them for supporting a philanthropic effort. If they require dog walking, we can arrange it then or do so prior to arrival. A bowl, water and bed are set up for the dog in the room. It’s a seamless experience,” Ajikata said.

Offering the comforts of home, the hotel’s studio is reminiscent of a Manhattan residence, and there are pet-centric rooms available, too. Careful attention is paid to cleaning each room after a dog has visited as well. “We deep clean our rooms every time we have someone stay with a dog just to be safe because we get requests for certain types of rooms for people with allergies. We make sure it’s 100% clean,” she said.

When 48LEX launched the program, it hosted a Bideawee adoption event and was successful in getting two dogs adopted, according to Ajikata. “Any opportunity to give back is always a good thing,” she concluded.

Corris Little