Hospitality Lodging Systems Grows by 10% in 2019

ATLANTA—Atlanta-based Hospitality Lodging Systems (HLS) grew 10% in 2019, finishing the year with 66 properties that operate 5,566 rooms under three brands, which is an increase of six properties from 2019.

Budgetel Inn & Suites, which the company began operating in November of 2014, now has 39 properties that together have 3,852 rooms.

AmeriVu Inns & Suites, added in March of 2016, now has 16 properties that together have 973 rooms.

Haven Hotels, introduced in December of 2014, now has 11 properties that together have 741 rooms.

“Our brands appeal to owners who want to dramatically reduce their royalty and marketing fees—typically by as much as 50% per month,” said Doug Collins, chairman/CEO of HLS. “Other benefits include the significantly fewer mandated amenities, the lower cost of internet reservations and the annual exit opportunity under our contract.”

Collins added, “We give owners the freedom to pick their own front desk and property management systems—a decision that delivers major financial rewards, but it’s a choice often taken away by brand mandates.”

Collins expects the HLS portfolio to continue a steady growth of about 15% in 2020.

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