Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro Trains Hospitality Graduates

RIO DE JANEIRO—Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro welcomed 35 recent graduates of the Carvalho Hosken Hospitality School to work in the hotel during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The students, sponsored by the hotel owners and guided by the human resources department and Hilton Barra team, will work in various operational areas during the Olympics and Paralympics. 

“You could see their eyes shining, discovering something new,” said Flavio Silva, training & quality manager, Hilton Barra, of the students in the Bright Blue Futures program. “We are proud to welcome these young people, as most of them had never entered a hotel before. Now they’ve discovered a new world.”

“For us, this is much more than a community project,” said Tereza Guimaraes, human resources director, Hilton Barra. “This is a mission for our lives to transform people and to transform young people into bright professionals.”

The ‘Fun & Growth’ Olympic program is happening at the hotel throughout the Summer Olympic Games. There will be 32 team members from various Hilton hotels in Latin America working at Hilton Barra.