Helping Hotel Guests Breathe Easier

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY—Pure Solutions is striving to help guests breathe easier, using purification technology designed to create an environment suitable for asthma or allergy sufferers.

Sharing the company’s origin story, CEO Brian Brault said it all started 13 years ago when a Swedish engineer was tasked to come up with a way to create a healthier, more sustainable environment inside the cabins of cruise ships.

“As he was developing this solution, he realized the broader application for this within the hotel space and hired a market research firm to find a service-based company to help finish executing it and bring it to market,” said Brault. “I was put in touch with an executive for brand strategy at Hilton, an executive in engineering from Marriott—this was going back 12 years ago—and they felt there was something to it. Before the major shift of getting rid of smoking guestrooms, it was on the radar of the brands. We set up a separate entity and saw an opportunity to help make life better for people who have allergies or asthma.”

For hoteliers, it’s vital to create an environment that is healthy, fresh and, according to Brault, with a significant reduction in air particulate.

“Most people’s bodies can resist differences in environment, but for people with respiratory issues and asthma, a reduction in air quality can impact how they sleep and their health,” he said. “Were committed to creating a proactive and reactive way to address allergens in the air and beyond.”

Brault noted that air purification is a reactive way to address the issue, such as through enclosing the mattress and pillows in encasements and pulling out allergens already in the air. “The encasements provide a barrier between the guest sleeping and where the allergens are,” he said.

Pure Solutions’ technology aims to take allergen reduction a step further to create an environment in the room itself to make it unlikely that allergens will exist in the room, he explained.

“We take a technology solution and apply to surfaces—carpeting, walls, soft goods, etc.—so they lose the part of being a soft surface that contributes to creating allergies. We apply something called Pure Shield, a bacterial static barrier with an electrostatic sprayer, and it bonds with everything in the room. It mechanically kills it,” he said. “With our solution, because of its molecular structure, it punctures the membrane of the bacteria and kills it. We treat surfaces and we make it so they aren’t going to contribute to contaminants in the room, making it hard to survive in the room.”

Pure Solutions also targets the air-handling system of hotels and will deep clean all the parts that service the room, bringing it back to a sanitary state. “We install a tea tree oil gel that goes in the air-handling system, and it picks up vapor from the oil to keep mold and bacteria from re-establishing,” he said.

In addition to tea tree oil, the company is testing out lavender essential oil, which acts as a natural antihistamine, to kill mold and bacteria. The company also treats the HVAC coils in the system to wick away moisture.

“All of our purifiers are medical grade and are an FDA class D medical device. It kills particulate, mold, bacteria and viruses in the air, not only on surfaces, but even in the air. It’s exposed to an electronic field that kills mold and bacteria,” he said. “When we trap them, it kills them. It’s very effective.”