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HB ON THE SCENE: PhoneSuite Unveils Legacy Link

MINNEAPOLIS—PhoneSuite has introduced a multi-brand legacy link to its Voiceware hotel phone system here at HITEC.

The legacy link allows Voiceware to drive the analog phones on certain hotel plaforms, such as PhoneSuite 112e, MitelSX-20 ICP, and MitelSX-200 ML/EL.

With a required PRI port and configuration software on the legacy system, all Voiceware guestroom features are then available on the analog phones. This eliminates the need for replacing equipment.

PhoneSuite President Frank Melville said, “The Voiceware legacy link provides an easy migration path for hotels with existing compatible systems whose analog phones are working fine, but may need new voicemail, call accounting, administrative feature phones, console with reduced footprint, or just need to improve the phone system” with Voiceware’s capabilities.

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