HB ON THE SCENE: LodgeNet Previews New Envision Solution At HITEC

ORLANDO—LodgeNet Interactive Corporation previewed its new Envision solution here at HITEC and with this new technology the company is determined to have its hotel customers’ heads in the clouds thinking about how they can better serve their guests’ needs.

Envision represents a new HD iTV platform and according to Scott Petersen, chairman and CEO of LodgeNet, the company is “now connecting the cloud to the guestroom television.” The solution, which also includes Internet TV, can be delivered via coax, IP or IP over coax, according to the company.

Envision DV, which is the digital video version, is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2011. The company will also offer Envision IP as well. The company noted that the program “will be available to qualifying hotels at no cost under the partners program.”

Another one of the capabilities of Envision includes enabling properties to develop their own applications or to have it done for them.