HB ON THE SCENE: hotel SystemsPro Launches ProposalPro

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—hotel SystemsPro launched its new hotel ProposalPro solution at HITEC here.

This solution enables management companies, ownership groups and operators to share leads, create proposals and track statuses across portfolios. Operators can use it as a stand-alone sales management tool or integrate it with hotel SalesPro. “It really allows a management company with a national sales team to propagate leads whether it’s for transient, group, or catering business,” said Edie Chandler Lowe, SVP of hotel SystemsPro.

According to the company, it also complements its newly announced partnership with Social Tables to provide online collaboration for catered event diagramming. “We’re very excited about that,” said Lowe. “They take it to the next level. We are going to be interfacing.” She noted that they connect with various social media sites, which enables users to share that with attendees, so they can know where they’re sitting and with whom at future events. “That’s a social aspect on top of it.”

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