HB ON THE SCENE: Expedia Unveils Executive Partner Exchange Program

LAS VEGAS—Expedia Group at Explore ’18, its brand partner conference, has revealed an executive partner exchange program which will put its executives front-and-center at hotel, car, airline and activity partners, and partner executives within the technology, product and marketing functions at Expedia to deepen learnings on both sides. 

With Expedia Executive Partner Exchange, executives will for two- to four-week periods work at the front desks of partner locations, greeting and serving customers and working with the partner’s teams and technologies. In turn, partner executives will sit within Expedia’s product, technology or marketing team focused on solving real partner and customer needs that exist today.

“Partnership is about constantly deepening our understanding of each other,” said Aman Bhutani, president of Brand Expedia. “What better way to learn than through one of the oldest ways of learning, apprenticeship. By understanding the daily workflow and needs of partners, and the needs of our shared customer, we can do things better and create new value for both.”

The program will kick off in Q1 2019, with a global scope.