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HB ON THE SCENE: Allure by VingCard Debuts at HITEC

MINNEAPOLIS—VingCard Elsafe is introducing its new “Allure by VingCard” RFID locking solution here at HITEC.

Allure by VingCard furthers the concept of the “invisible lock” with its minimalist approach to lock hardware for guestroom doors. The product eliminates the need for all external hardware on the door with the use of a signage panel that adds benefits and functionality. 

It allows for a higher degree of design flexibility, so it can be used as a component of a VingCard RFID locking system or as a pure DND/MUR panel-only configuration. Allure by VingCard also, using an interactive touch panel in the guestroom, has the ability to add guest-facing in-room notifications to staff such as “Do Not Disturb (DND)” and “Make Up Room (MUR).” An LED light on the door light lets staff know the request so as to prevent unnecessary disturbances.

The locking solution, an exterior panel, is installed on the wall next to the door. Allure by VingCard was created with the hotel designer in mind, a solution to the difficulty designers face when incorporating lock hardware into the hotel’s décor.

Additionally, the product can display the hotel’s own logo. Other features include a touch doorbell, room number display, and notification for the guest when the door can be unlocked. 

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