Go Beyond the Boardroom and Give Back

I love memorable quotes: whether pithy, inspirational, motivational, humorous or just perfectly written gems of truth. I often turn to words penned by others to help me best articulate a particular thought I want to express. 

I’m reminded of a specific one credited to Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.” It’s this spirit of giving—to individuals, communities, the world at large—and the joy we get from it that creates fulfillment in our lives that goes well beyond making a living and well beyond the boardroom.

I mention this because if you turn to page 42 of this issue or read the headlines below, you’ll notice a new addition to Hotel Business’ usual editorial lineup. “Beyond the Boardroom” is a compilation of stories about companies and individuals within our industry who have realized their good business fortune and make the effort to pay it forward. This group of stories appeared in the launch of a recent Hotel Business digital newsletter sponsored by DirecTV Hospitality. We liked the idea so much, we wanted to share it with our broader audience of 40,000 readers. And, while the five selected illustrate various aspects of giving back—industry training for impoverished children; arming local children with school supplies; implementing a brand-wide corporate responsibility strategy; empowering employees to select causes; and acknowledging and honoring community youth who make a difference—we certainly recognize that so many of our professional colleagues offer similar programs and initiatives within their own ranks. 

Yes, Hotel Business brings you the industry news and happenings, the breaking stories and most-talked-about topics, but I’m encouraged by the many humanitarian efforts that exist within the hospitality industry. I want to do my own part by sharing these stories with you and hope that you’ll share your stories with me, so that we can continue featuring all of the great and newsworthy deeds that reach far beyond your boardroom.

Starwood, Children International Fight Poverty With Job Training

Hilton Brings Value to Communities It Serves

The Staff of Las Vegas Sands Vote Where Donations Go

Montage Gives $50,000 to Young Humanitarians

Carroll Adams President Builds Culture of Volunteerism