Gemstone Deploys Profitsword Applications for Business Intelligence Platform

PARK CITY, UT—Gemstone Hotels & Resorts, LLC has chosen ProfitSword and the ProfitSage family of applications for its portfolio of hotels, with the goal of improving operational efficiencies and providing a real-time reporting platform for management. Gemstone operates 13 independent and boutique hotels in eight states.

ProfitSage is a web-based financial business intelligence application providing users with data in real-time. With a high level of integration throughout an organization, countless operational efficiencies are created, including the elimination of manually keying data from one system into another. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting can be done with the click of a mouse, and creating accurate forecasts and budgets are made simple by having historical trend information at your fingertips. The BI application consists of modules that interface with the PMS, back-office accounting, point of sale, sales-automation and payroll systems in order to warehouse critical operational data.  The information is then used within the different modules to produce income journals, detailed forecasts, line-by-line budgets and hundreds of customized reports.

“After investigating multiple platforms, ProfitSword clearly offered solutions that best fit our needs as an organization,” said Michael St-Laurent, VP of information technology. “In addition, ProfitSword’s track record of success gave the Gemstone team confidence in the fact we had chosen a true partner and not just another vendor.”

Greg Hooper, VP of hotel accounting, added, “ProfitSword is the next logical, evolutionary step in data analytics. You can now spend your time analyzing instead of compiling data, and the data is available in virtual real time. ProfitSword is to data what desktop computers were to 13-column spreadsheets and a pencil.”

“Gemstone Resorts is a great partner to work with because they understand the technology and have the vision to know that their own needs will change rapidly as they grow,” remarked Tili Findley, president and co-owner of ProfitSword. “The ProfitSage solution continues to evolve as our client partners’ needs change. One of our biggest strengths as a software company is our willingness to work with our partners to meet their needs. We continue to add functionality to the ProfitSage application, and our newest applications are a result of listening to our partners’ suggestions.”

“I would not consider our growth plans to be overly aggressive,” commented Jan McCormick, VP of operations for Gemstone. “However, they are carefully calculated and well thought-out. Our ability to achieve exceptional operating results combined with the efficiencies and analytical capabilities provided by ProfitSword will cement our reputation of providing investors and owners with the highest rate of return.”