From Revitalization to Positive Reviews

NATIONAL REPORT—The city of College Park, MD, was an underdeveloped region situated between two highly developed destinations—Baltimore and Washington, DC. Inspired to overcome years of neglect and create a desirable destination for visitors and businesses alike, developers began making plans to revitalize the region. When owner Southern Management tasked Sam Selvi with outfitting the property’s 297 rooms, he knew he had to deliver something more than satisfactory—he had to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

Selvi began imagining rooms that offered guests the comfort and relaxation of home, with the luxury and escapism of a truly special trip. He wanted guests to go to sleep feeling satisfied and wake up feeling invigorated, so inspired by their great night’s sleep and their overall stay that they left rave reviews for future guests. That, to Selvi, would be the ultimate sign of success. When Selvi began selecting amenities, particularly mattresses, his expectations were as high as everyone else’s.

Expectations of Luxury
Selvi hand-selected every amenity, from in-room authentic espresso makers to Luxatan™ bathroom products. The luxurious Tempur Sealy® beds are praised frequently in guest reviews.

Expectations of Longevity
Mattresses are a substantial investment for a hotel, and Selvi wanted the beds he chose to last — delivering day-one comfort for years to come. Tempur Sealy’s patented rigorous testing proved his purchase would pay off.

Expectations of Scalability
As Selvi was outfitting multiple tiers of suites (standard, premium and executive), he wanted the sleep experience to escalate alongside all other amenities and upgrades. Tempur Sealy allows Selvi to make each tier feel personally accommodated.

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