Four Reasons to Be Bed Bug Aware This Travel Season

NATIONAL REPORT—Ask anyone in the hotel and hospitality industry and they will tell you that bed bugs are an absolute nightmare. They are not just a concern for travelers, but the number one reason why guests would choose to leave a hotel. That is why the Professional Pest Management Association has dedicated the week of June 3-9 as Bed Bug Awareness Week. With infestations at an all-time high, what is a hotelier to do? From risking your reputation to devastating the very foundation of your business, here are just a few reasons why your hotel may need to think twice about a solution to this epidemic.

1. Online Reviews
With social media, online reviews, websites like and TripAdvisor the mainstays for travelers to find recommendations, a handful of bad reviews regarding bed bugs could lead to a public relations emergency, not to mention, a potential threat to your hotel booking rate.

2. Airbnb & Other Competition
You know there’s competition out there. Don’t let the nearest available Airbnb or local hotel win over potential guests simply because your hotel has a reputation for having bed bugs.

3. Rooms Out of Service
Maximizing room occupancy is every hoteliers’ goal. Don’t allow a bed bug infestation to take rooms out of service and impact your bottom line.

4. Expensive Bed Bug Treatments
You are probably already doing all you can to keep cockroaches, ants, stink bugs, mice, and other bugs out of your hotel. Pest control can get very expensive and unfortunately, bed bugs can be tricky to detect. Professional inspections by pest professionals can take time in order to uncover the problem and then heat and chemical treatments are required to cure the problem once an infestation has set in.

The issues and expense caused by bed bugs can seem endless, particularly if you’re currently challenged by the stress of being presented with a bed bug by a guest at the front desk, despite taking all of the appropriate protocols to avoid bed bugs issues. While there are various solutions out there, a green, eco-friendly and proactive one is difficult to come by. Enter Delta Five. This innovative solution to the sweeping bed bug crisis is helping hoteliers everywhere to gain peace of mind. This product is transforming the way the industry handles bed bugs. The beauty of Delta Five’s Automated Insect Monitoring System is that it works 24/7 to detect pests like bed bugs and alerts you to a problem early so you can perform a targeted room treatment before your guests notice there is a problem.

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