Four New Hotels Going Up In Cozumel; Others Expanding

ACAPULCO, Mexico? Four new hotels plus expansions at existing properties will add more than 1,000 rooms to the current supply of 3,600 on the island of Cozumel. The activity is in anticipation of a 20% increase in visitors by the year 2000. The island, which is located east of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican Caribbean, hosted more than 300,000 visitors in 1998, according to Gaston Cantarell Diaz, president of the Cozumel Hotel Association. The new hotels will add 936 rooms to the current supply. The cost of building the new hotels was not revealed. Three of the new properties are on the south end of the island and include: ? The 300-room Iberostar All-Inclusive. One hundred rooms will open in late 1999 and the remaining 200 next year. ? The 300-room Regina opening in 2000. ? The 240-room Jack Tar Village All-Inclusive. Construction has not started on this property which is scheduled to open next year. ? The fourth new hotel is the 96-room Grupo Becerra to be launched in 2000 and located on the oceanfront in the downtown area. Construction has not begun. Some $12 million is being spent on expansion and renovation at five existing hotels on Cozumel. These projects will mean 181 more rooms and additional meeting space, plus new furnishings and updated color schemes and designs. The projects include: ? The 100-room El Cozumeleno All-Inclusive Beach Resort. In a separate building, 154 additional rooms will be constructed. Also planned are a new covered swimming pool and meeting room for up to 600 people. The construction, which is currently in progress, will cost $10 million. ? The 98-room Casa Del Mar Hotel. Guestrooms and bathrooms at the hotel were recently remodeled with new flooring, furnishings and soft goods. Other work included the installation of new tile in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi; new flooring and lighting in common areas; and a new tennis court and parking lot. The hotel is currently building an extension to its dock for beach access. The work will cost $350,000. ? The 30-room Playa Azul Hotel and Garden House. Scheduled for completion by December, current renovations include the refurbishment of 16 rooms, demolition of 14 rooms and construction of 27 new rooms, a swimming pool and paddle tennis court. The price tag for the entire project is $1 million. ? The 253-room Presidente Inter-Continental Hotel Cozumel. Recently completed renovations include a new beach-view gymnasium with fitness equipment; refurbished bathrooms in guest-rooms; and a new meeting room accommodating 50 people. The renovations cost $200,000. ? The 180-room Fiesta Inn Cozumel. Recently completed renovations include new handrails for guestroom balconies; new air conditioning units; safety deposit box installation and replacement of curtains in guestrooms; and construction of a new poolside terrace. The cost for the renovations was $200,000.

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