For a Perfect Blend, This Coffee & Tea Sweetener Seeks Hotel Stay

SMITHTOWN, NY—Made for coffee lovers by a coffee lover, Javamelts is a portable way to add a bit of sweetness to your morning Joe.

The idea for the product, a flavored sweetener, was created right here in Carolyn Barbarite’s kitchen. Inspiration struck on Valentine’s Day as she looked down at the treats her three daughters made as a gift.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have the best Idea. Wouldn’t it be really awesome if I could pick this up and drop it into my coffee to make it taste special and delicious, just like a little gift?’” she said. In that moment, Javamelts was born.

The Javamelts creator is currently working with a few retail brands and is seeking opportunities in the hospitality sector.

“We can sell direct, but we can also work with them and become a vendor. We are just looking into all of our options to make sure we do what’s best for our company,” she said. “I am also getting set up with distributors who have hotels as their customers, so that helps, too.”

One packet of Javamelts is 20 calories, certified gluten-free, non-dairy and shelf stable for more than one year. Suitable for an 8 oz. cup of coffee or tea, the packets offer a mild sweetness that is only 5-6 grams of real sugar, and it dissolves quickly. Among the flavors are caramel, hazelnut, French vanilla and mocha.

“You don’t need a lot to achieve a beautiful taste,” she said. “The traditional creamers and syrups in the marketplace not only make a mess, have waste, no portion control, require clean up—all of this all costs the hotels money.”

As hoteliers seek to elevate their F&B operations, Barbarite believes her product raises the bar.

“Within hotels, Javamelts elevates the customer’s experience by letting them chose a beautiful flavored, hot beverage that has no aftertaste. It can be offered in-room and in the marketplace/gift shops through our retail package, enabling them to monetize the product,” she said. “Javamelts is memorable, and offers a delicate balance of flavor and sweetness with real sugar. The sweeteners don’t take away from the natural taste of coffee or tea. They enhance the experience.”

The most popular flavors? French vanilla and caramel are among the top sellers, noted Barbarite.

“French vanilla adds a sweet, yet delicate balance of the vanilla bean flavor to each cup of coffee. Caramel adds a smooth, buttery caramel flavor to each cup of coffee. The flavors don’t overpower the beverage,” she said. “The fun thing about Javamelts is that you can mix the flavors with each other to create your own. Try a mocha and a hazelnut Javamelts, or a caramel and a mocha, etc.”

Barbarite’s enthusiasm is high as she touts the global applications, markets to penetrate and growth potential for Javamelts. “People love their coffee and tea,” she said. “There’s no denying that, so why not offer them a tastier, creative and memorable product to enhance their stay?”

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