Fision, Continuity Logic Agree to Merge

MINNEAPOLIS—Sales enablement platform Fision Corporation is set to merge with Continuity Logic LLC, a provider of integrated business continuity and risk management software.

The combination of the two companies is synergistic as the platforms are complementary to one another.

“We were looking to enhance our data capture and analytic capabilities and Continuity Logic was looking to build out an enhanced team collaboration and team coordination capability,” said Mike Brown, founder and CEO of Fision, based here. “Fision’s Volerro team collaboration module works perfectly for Continuity Logic’s team coordination and collaboration needs. Continuity Logic brings data capture and business process management capability to Fision—a match made in heaven. This merger will allow us to become a more significant stack of technology solutions in a single vendor relationship for our collective customers.”

Mike Brown, founder and CEO of FISION

Mike Brown, founder and CEO of FISION

Upon a closer look at the two companies, there also were different strengths that could be harnessed to deliver a higher level of service.

“Continuity Logic is strong on the tech side and Fision is more focused on the sales and marketing front of the house,” said Brown. “Our combined client engagement teams are a perfect blend of account management and technology support. Our executive team also blends very well together. This is a classic roll-up strategy where 1+ 1 = 3. We can increase our collective value offerings—all the while increasing efficiency and margin. A great outcome not only for our company, but more importantly for our very demanding client base. We will be more powerful, scalable and nimble in the marketplace.”

The newly merged company will maintain two headquarters. Fision will remain here and the Continuity Logic team will stay in its headquarters in Tampa, FL. There are also technology teams located in Kentucky, New Jersey and India.

“Some consolidation may occur, but we pride ourselves in being a nimble, virtual company as it relates to going where the talent is,” said Brown.

“Our technology is specifically geared to serve a highly distributed client base, which are companies with multiple brands, various hierarchies and global distribution,” he said.

“The hospitality industry was a roadmap to much of our architecture from the very beginning and we have secured two patents, with two more pending, that validate the value of our solutions. The merger will greatly enhance the original vision for hospitality,” he said.

In terms of the future, the team at Fision/Continuity Logic is looking at an “aggressive roadmap” designed to accelerate intelligent engagement and business growth and protection for highly distributed organizations.

“In a marketplace that is searching for ways to engage their customers in a one-to-one relevant way, Fision/Continuity Logic will enable localized, personalized engagement to drive more business to each site, but at the same time, enabling local and regional business planning capabilities to ensure business risk management, continuity and recovery,” he said.  “One only needs to consider the recent Hurricane Florence to see the value of our solutions and how it could support local recovery.”

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