FCS Launches Cloud-based CosmoPMS

SINGAPORE—FCS Computer Systems has launched FCS CosmoPMS, its newly developed SaaS-based property management platform.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller properties, inns and even alternative accommodations, the subscription-based solution allows hoteliers to customize the sort of information that the solution provides, including descriptions, rate codes and room type codes, for example. The platform then provides the ability to interpret and convert such details into actionable data with the use of user-friendly interfaces. In addition, the interfaces offer oversight over daily tasks, such as guest confirmation, check-in, checkout and the ability to see current room rates and availability in real time. With flexible rate code settings, hoteliers can also manage daily rate changes, packages and discounts, as well as promotions for specific guest segments.  

Other features include financial management tracking with reports that detail all revenue, expense and tax requirements. The solution’s reporting functionality also provides comprehensive insight into hotel performance on a daily, weekly, monthly or 24-month rolling basis. With tiered work level access, hoteliers can control the extent of information that a specific user may view or interact with.

CosmoPMS is also built from the ground up to be mobile compatible, allowing users to access reports and input data using their own smart devices from any location.

With FCS CosmoPMS, small hotels with less than 300 reservations a month are able to gain full access to the solution’s benefits at no charge. Properties with a larger volume of reservations are charged a premium rate of $50 a month. However, if reservations fall below the 300 threshold, such properties can receive the following month free of charge.