Fairmont DC combines sustainability with a good night’s sleep

WASHINGTON, DC— The Fairmont Washington, DC here is offering its guests a chance to enjoy a soothing, earth-friendly sleep experience with its new “Dream Green” promotion. The offering combines two of the most popular movements in the industry recently: a focus on improving the guests’ nights’ sleep as well as promoting sustainability. The 415-room Fairmont Washington, DC, which is located in the West End of the city near the Georgetown district, was branded a Fairmont four years ago and since then has been committed to raising environmental awareness, according to general manager George Terpilowski. “A big part of our culture has been environmental stewardship and our directors of marketing and public relations responded to that with this idea by pairing green initiatives with the sleep experience,” he said. “We’re always trying to establish packages that are relevant and different.” The Dream Green package starts with one of the hotel’s luxury guestrooms. Guests then can enjoy an organic sleep smoothie and lavender cookies that are delivered to the room. “Lavender is well-known for its soothing properties,” said Terpilowski. To further aid guests, the Fairmont Washington, DC, partnered with the company Sleep Garden, which offers products that are designed to promote a better night’s sleep. As part of the Dream Green promotion, guests are provided with a complimentary CD of zMusic, The Sound Way To Sleep by Sleep Garden. “We made sure we tested the CD first and were very impressed,” he added. Terpilowski noted that even at luxury hotels, sleep should still be the hotel’s main focus. “This promotion really hits the needs of the traveler. There’s always so much focus on the incredible facilities a hotel offers, but what’s fundamental is a good night’s sleep,” he said. The guest makeup at the hotel also prompts the Fairmont Washington, DC to put a great deal of emphasis on sleep. “We recognize that a lot of our customers are here from the West Coast or Europe…we also see a lot of group and business travelers and all of them require a good night’s rest to be functional during the day so it’s very pertinent that we provide materials that can help them sleep better.” According to Terpilowski, the Dream Green package fits in well with the overall feeling of the hotel. “We have a lot of guests, particularly on the weekends that want to just get away and are looking for a sophisticated alternative. At the hotel, we have an organic emphasis and strive to promote an overall sense of wellness,” he said. As part of its goal to be a relaxing oasis inWashington, DC, the hotel offers an outdoor tranquility garden, a spa, one of the largest health clubs in the city and Juniper, a restaurant that specializes in healthy cuisine. The hotel also has a number of sustainable initiatives in place that focus on energy and water conservation as well as recycling. “We have a designated ‘Green Team’ at the hotel that focuses on increasing our sustainability,” he said. Terpilowski expects the Dream Green package, which is available Thursday through Sunday each week for $269 per night, will appeal to the hotel’s guests and reported the response thus far has been positive. “It combines the luxury we are known for with a better night’s sleep. We want to make our guests’ stay a healthy one and the response has been building as time goes on. I suspect it’s going to do well enough to make it an ongoing promotion,” he said.