Expedia PartnerCentral Property Tune-Up: Optimize your visibility and conversion in just minutes!

With over $750m invested in technology the past 12 months*, Expedia Partner Central (EPC), our technology for hotel partners, continues to be a priority for our product teams. In the past year, more than 500 enhancements were made, making EPC a little better every day.

EPC is your connection to Expedia’s global travel marketplace. With EPC, you can simplify daily tasks, access real time market insights and optimize your visibility and conversion on our websites – all from one convenient place. 

Here’s how you can carry out your very own EPC Property Tune-Up in just five minutes.

Check Your Hotel Status for Availability and Rate Alerts

Keeping your rates and availability up-to-date can help your property be more visible, and better visibility leads to more bookings.

Hotel Status works on a simple traffic light system—if you’re green, you’re all set! If you’re yellow or red, you can use one of the many available tools to address any issues and help improve your visibility.

Improve Your Content Completion Score

Our Content Completion Score helps you quickly assess your content against what matters most to travellers. Your score automatically updates as you improve your content and you can track your performance against four content categories:

  • Photos: Three quarters of travellers switch between devices when shopping for travel so high quality photos are important. The Content Score looks at quantity and quality of images.
  • Guestrooms:  Detail room sizes and types, entertainment and whether there’s a mini-bar.
  • Property Amenities: Tell travellers whether you have a pool, available dining options and if you have parking facilities.
  • Policies and Fees: Highlight which credit cards you accept and your check-in/check-out policies.

The higher your score, the more information you provide shoppers, and the greater your chances of securing that booking.

Benchmark Your Performance with Market Watch

Market Watch allows you to track your performance compared to others in your market, on indicators such as price, search results, property views, bookings, and conversion. You can then quickly take action to promote or advertise your hotel, or increase your availability. To get you started, we pre-select your competitive set, but you can edit this list at any time.

Respond to Real-time Feedback

Real-time Feedback provides you with feedback from travellers in real-time, enabling you to act on that feedback while they are still on property and potentially avoid a negative hotel review. In EPC, you can monitor Real-time Feedback notifications, thank happy guests with one click and quickly solve issues for unhappy guests.

Since the feature launched, almost a year ago, we’ve received 4.4 million reviews.

Try Sell Tonight

Sell Tonight helps you move last minute inventory. It takes just seconds to load a Sell Tonight rate where you determine the price and you can fence the deal exclusively for mobile. Sell Tonight rates get published to 80M app users in minutes and the top three discounts in your market get a mobile search rank increase.

Be sure to keep ‘tuning’ in for exciting new features launching soon.

*In the 12mths ending Q3, 2015.

**Google Travel Study, June 2014, Ipsos MediaCT

*** Combined Hotels.com and Expedia app downloads

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