Eleven and EFI Introduce Mobile Print Zone

PORTLAND, OR—Eleven has released a new feature for ElevenGC, Mobile Print Zone, that allows guests to print remotely from their personal devices to secure guest computers connected to high-performance printers in hotel lobbies, business centers and public areas.

Mobile Print Zone is available 24/7 and leverages EFI PrintMe software to deliver cloud-based printing from guests’ devices. Guests upload their document through a browser, email or EFI’s mobile app and go to an ElevenGC guest computer to release the document job to the printer. Guests will be able to retrieve these documents directly from cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive in future releases.

The new feature does not require printer drivers. Documents can only be printed with a confidential retrieval code, ensuring privacy and security. As with ElevenGC’s Boarding Pass Zone, the feature does not require guests to pay for computer access to print their documents.

Mobile Print Zone can run on any ElevenGC for Mac, leveraging existing printers. Hotels can earn and track incremental printing revenue, and monitor and account for toner and paper.

“We are excited to partner with EFI to feature their market-leading PrintMe Cloud Service in our Mobile Print Zone,” stated Dan Meub, CEO of Eleven. “The combined solution brings together EFI’s user-friendly PrintMe software with secure, elegant ElevenGC guest computers to deliver a seamless mobile printing solution for hotel guests.”

Tom Offutt, director of Business Development for EFI’s Fiery business unit, stated: “Not surprisingly, the rise in guest mobile usage has given way to greater demand for mobile printing. Delivered as part of Eleven’s Mobile Print Zone, EFI’s PrintMe Cloud Service helps provide hoteliers with a simple and secure remote printing solution.” 

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